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Art Blocks is perhaps most well known for the Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro collection, project #0. A 10,000-piece collection created in October 2020, it has generated over 75,000 ETH ($171M USD) in trading volume.

Art Blocks’ three main categories

1. Curated Collections
These collections are carefully selected by the Art Blocks team for their innovation, artistic integrity and contribution to the field of generative art. The Curated Collection is a showcase for what is possible in the realm of algorithmic art, highlighting premier artists and groundbreaking projects.

2. Playground
Reserved for artists who have previously been featured in the Curated Collection, the Playground offers a space for these creators to experiment and push the boundaries of generative art without the formal selection process of curated drops.

3. Factory
This section is more open and includes a broader range of projects from various artists. The Factory allows artists to launch their generative projects on the Art Blocks platform, offering a diverse array of styles, themes and concepts.

The number of collections within Art Blocks is continually growing as new artists join and launch their projects. Each collection can range from a few dozen to several thousand individual pieces, depending on the artist’s specifications and the project’s parameters.

The genesis of Art Blocks

Art Blocks stands at the forefront of the generative art movement, a revolutionary platform redefining the boundaries of creativity and blockchain technology. Founded with the vision of democratizing art creation and ownership, Art Blocks harnesses the power of Ethereum smart contracts to generate unique, algorithm-driven artworks. Each piece is a one-of-a-kind digital creation, the fusion of artist intention and algorithmic randomness.

At its core, Art Blocks is a canvas for artists to encode their creativity into generative scripts. When a collector mints a piece, these scripts come to life, producing artwork that is both unexpected and exclusive. From abstract patterns to intricate landscapes, the diversity of Art Blocks collections is a testament to the expansive potential of generative art.

How Art Blocks revolutionizes art creation

The magic of Art Blocks lies in its innovative minting process. Artists upload their generative algorithm to the platform, setting parameters and rules that define the artwork’s potential outcomes. Collectors then mint these artworks directly on the blockchain, with each transaction generating a new, unique piece based on the artist’s original script. This process ensures that while each piece shares a common DNA, no two pieces are ever identical.

This novel approach has opened new horizons for artists and collectors, enabling the creation of dynamic collections that evolve over time. The rarity and uniqueness of each piece are verifiable, thanks to the transparency and security of blockchain technology, making Art Blocks a true pioneer in the digital art space.

Dive into Kraken’s NFT marketplace, where the extraordinary awaits. Explore the Art Blocks collections and be part of the generative art revolution. Your next masterpiece is just a click away.

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