Top 10 AI Careers For Non-Techies

Top 10 AI Careers For Non-Techies

The growing pace of technological advancements in artificial intelligence has encouraged businesses across different industries to adopt AI in their systems and processes. Therefore, the search for top AI careers has become a top priority in the existing job market. On top of it, industry experts also believe that AI jobs will become a mainstay in the technology labor market.

As a matter of fact, AI jobs have revolutionized the technological landscape by redefining existing roles and introducing new roles. The rise of new AI jobs has also become a formidable point of concern for aspiring professionals. At the same time, a common perception about the journey to pursue the best AI careers is that they would displace many people from jobs. Any individual who is new to AI would obviously assume that they are less likely to get a job without technical skills.

You must break such assumptions by seeking non-tech AI jobs for which you won’t need a comprehensive set of technical skills. You don’t necessarily have to be a machine learning engineer or a data scientist to work in AI. Even without any coding expertise or a background in technology, you can find engaging job roles in AI. Let us find out the most popular non-technical AI job roles that can help you start your career in AI.

How Does AI Provide Scope for Non-Technical Roles?

When you think of artificial intelligence, you are likely to come across images of futuristic robots, complex AI algorithms, and lines of code. Anyone who wants information about AI careers for non-technical person must have doubts regarding the feasibility of non-technical career options in AI. However, artificial intelligence is more than AI algorithms, models, and programming tasks.

Artificial intelligence also encompasses many other disciplines, such as natural language processing, chatbots, large language models, and data science. Businesses that work on AI adoption strategies are likely to search for trained professionals to find the ideal ways to leverage AI. Therefore, the AI job market would need professionals for different aspects of business operations.

The discussions about topics such as “What is the best AI jobs?” draw attention to technical roles which require advanced programming skills. On the other hand, it is reasonable to look for alternative choices, such as cybersecurity roles. You can also work as an analytics translator whose work involves data review and arriving at conclusions that can have a significant impact on businesses.

The new types of jobs in AI are essential for developing high-quality AI algorithms and apps. Interestingly, most of the non-technical AI jobs could also come from the top tech companies. With endless opportunities for career development, you can become a non-technical AI professional and explore a different perspective on AI careers.

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Top AI Careers for Non-Techies

The continuously growing interest in career development in AI has opened the doors for non-technical careers. Non-technical roles can become the foundations of the most popular AI careers, which will shape the future of the AI ecosystem. The non-tech roles would require skills such as creativity, fundamentals of machine learning, and a basic understanding of ChatGPT. Let us learn more about the top non-technical jobs that you can pursue in the domain of artificial intelligence.

1. AI Ethics Professional

AI Ethics Professional or AI Ethicist is an important non-technical job role in the field of artificial intelligence. The job of an AI ethicist involves accounting for ethical considerations that are important for developing AI solutions and algorithms. It is one of the most prominent AI careers for non-technical person, albeit with the requirement of a certain level of technical expertise. However, an AI ethics professional must have an in-depth understanding of the moral and social implications of AI. Artificial intelligence ethicists help in mitigation of the risks and enhancing the benefits with different use cases of AI.

Some of the most notable responsibilities of AI ethics professionals focus on developing AI products according to general ethical considerations. In addition, AI ethicists also ensure that the implementation of AI systems follows the most popular regulations and standards.

AI ethics professionals help promote responsibility and accountability with the use of artificial intelligence. As an AI ethicist, you can make almost $120,000 every year. The demand for AI ethics professionals will increase in the future as more companies want to implement AI systems in their workflows.

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2. Prompt Engineer

Another popular non-technical role among the options for top AI careers is the role of prompt engineer. AI chatbots are one of the most common use cases of artificial intelligence and could generate different types of media. All you have to do is use a few short commands or prompts that can elicit responses from AI chatbots.

The chatbots utilize Large Language Models or LLMs that rely on prompts to produce specific results. It is important to ensure that the LLMs receive the right prompts to achieve the desired results. For example, you can ask DALL-E to create the image of a unicorn, and it will generate multiple images. However, most of them would not align with your specific requirements.

Prompt engineers are professionals who can optimize LLMs to produce accurate results. Prompt engineering is one of the best AI careers in the AI job market right now, with annual salaries ranging up to $335,000. The best thing about becoming a prompt engineer is that you don’t need comprehensive technical skills. You can become prompt engineers with proficiency in English language and creativity alongside a fundamental understanding of machine learning.

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3. Artificial Intelligence Writer

The arrival of AI models created major concerns for replacing conventional jobs. For example, ChatGPT has been perceived as a threat to content writing jobs and other similar roles. On the other hand, tech-savvy writers have been discovering new ways to use NLP and AI models to ensure consistent growth in the AI landscape.

The list of non-technical AI jobs includes the role of AI writer as one of the most lucrative options. Artificial intelligence has the capability to change different aspects of our daily lives. However, any individual without knowledge of AI would experience difficulties using AI systems.

Artificial intelligence writers must have the ability to communicate innovative ideas with better precision. It is only suitable for people with non-technical skills. However, people with programming and technical skills could explore different technical topics related to AI in their projects. The salary of an AI writer varies between $90,000 and $120,000, thereby promising a lucrative career. You should also note that AI writers also need non-technical skills in fact-checking and editing to create engaging content.

4. AI Consultants

The next addition among the options for most popular AI careers points to the role of AI consultants. An AI consultant or AI solutions consultant guides companies through the process of creating and improving different AI solutions, such as virtual assistants, chatbots, and other solutions based on machine learning.

The skills of AI consultants help them ensure seamless execution of projects across the complemented AI development lifecycles. AI consultants can work on optimizing different areas of the AI development process, such as strategy planning, technical assistance, and implementation of AI systems.

As an AI consultant, you could earn an annual salary ranging between $125,000 and $200,000. However, the lucrative salary package for AI consultants also demands a broad range of non-technical skills. For example, AI consultants must have in-depth knowledge of the important tools required to develop effective AI solutions.

It is also important to note that AI consultants require specialization in various areas such as assessment, implementation, strategy development, compliance, and training. On the other hand, some AI consultants also have skills in cloud computing or proficiency in delivering end-to-end solutions for monitoring AI-based processes.

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5. AI Project Managers

You can seek non-tech AI jobs such as AI project manager roles when you want to pursue non-technical roles. Project managers are responsible for monitoring AI initiatives and ensuring that they align with the goals and objectives of businesses. As the new developments in AI continue gaining momentum, the demand for AI project managers will increase exponentially.

Businesses across different sectors have been experimenting with AI systems for new use cases. However, the growing complexity of AI systems draws the limelight towards necessity of streamlining and enhancing project management. The demand for AI project managers is also visible in the average salary for the role, which starts from $95,000. On top of that, the job openings for AI project managers have been increasing by almost 6% every year.

6. Social Media Strategist

The non-technical career paths in the domain of AI also include roles such as social media strategist. The importance of social media strategists has increased by huge margins in the existing tech-driven landscape. If you want answers to “What is the best AI jobs?”, then you must try using AI for improving digital marketing initiatives. For example, social media strategists can use AI to create content and track data for evaluating the effectiveness of social media ad campaigns.

Social media strategists must have fluency in using different tools, such as Sprout Social, for automatic content creation. The tools can also help in ensuring automatic replies to messages from customers and followers. The median salary for social media strategists is almost $57,000 and is almost $20,000 more than the national average.

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7. AI UX Designer

Artificial intelligence UX designers are responsible for creating the user interface alongside the experiences of AI-based applications. The responsibility of AI UX designers revolves around ensuring that AI systems are intuitive and user-friendly. It is one of the most popular non-technical AI jobs that has been garnering the attention of aspiring candidates. The average annual salary of AI UX designers can vary between $100,000 and $120,000.

UX designers must have the skills to identify best routes to improve the capabilities of AI systems with seamless user interfaces. In addition, they also help add the human element to create solutions that are appealing and deliver value to all users.

8. AI Compliance Officer

One of the broadest job roles in the domain of artificial intelligence is that of an AI compliance officer. The AI compliance officer role is probably hiding in the shadows for now. However, the growing emphasis on AI policy and regulations presents favorable prospects for the rise of AI compliance officers. It is one of the most popular AI careers, as the issues of fairness and privacy have been garnering momentum in the AI landscape.

AI compliance officers must have updated knowledge of the latest laws and regulations for drafting new AI policies. The salary of AI compliance officers varies according to the industry they work in. For example, AI compliance officers working with federal government agencies could earn better salaries.

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9. AI Researcher

Non-technical AI researcher is also another popular job role for artificial intelligence experts without technical skills. It is one of the top AI careers that revolves around the economic, philosophical, and societal aspects of AI. The non-technical AI researcher helps enhance efficiency, draw business predictions, identify risks, and automate repetitive tasks.

As a non-technical AI researcher, you can find the opportunity to work in different industries, such as marketing, agriculture, and healthcare. The average salary of an AI researcher could vary from $150,000 to $250,000, thereby indicating promising rewards for career growth.

10. AI Sales and Marketing Specialists

You can also build your career in AI in non-technical roles like AI sales and marketing specialists. If you want the best AI careers, then you can tap into the market potential of AI solutions. As an AI sales and marketing specialist, you have to communicate the benefits of AI systems to consumers and businesses.

The primary skill required to become an AI sales and marketing professional is the ability to walk clients through the process of implementing AI solutions. AI sales and marketing professionals can earn almost $80,000 per year. On top of it, experts with skills in computer system design can earn higher pay for their skills.

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Final Words

The journey to find AI careers for non-technical person can land you up with different options. Non-technical jobs in the domain of artificial intelligence do not require comprehensive technical skills. You can land a non-technical AI job with skills such as creativity, communication, marketing knowledge, and writing skills. Choose the ideal non-technical job role in AI right now and explore the best options for career development right now.

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