Thailand Cracks Down on Unregistered Crypto Services to Tackle Cyber Crime

Thailand is planning to block unauthorized cryptocurrency
service providers to fight online crime. The Office of the Securities and
Exchange Commission (SEC) is partnering with Thai government agencies to
prevent criminals from utilizing crypto exchanges for illicit activities,
including money laundering.

Thailand Warns about Unregistered Crypto Platforms

According to the press release, Pornanong
Busaratrakul, the Secretary General of the SEC, recently disclosed plans to
submit information about unauthorized crypto service providers to the Ministry
of Digital Economy and Society.

The regulator’s decision reflects similar actions taken by other countries like India and the Philippines. The SEC is strengthening its commitment to protecting investors
and safeguarding the financial system by taking action against unregistered crypto
service providers in Thailand.

In light of this development, the SEC has urged users of
unauthorized platforms to promptly withdraw their assets. Additionally, the commission has cautioned investors against using services offered by unauthorized
digital asset operators, as they may not be protected by law.

Besides that, the Thai securities watchdog has encouraged crypto traders to verify the legitimacy of
digital asset operators by consulting its list of licensed businesses or
using the “SEC Check First” application. Any suspicious
activities can be reported to the SEC’s Complaint and Whistleblower Center for
further investigation.

Global Crypto Regulation Shifts

While Thailand reinforces its regulations on
crypto exchanges, digital asset platforms in Europe are also facing regulatory scrutiny. For instance, the recently adopted Markets in Crypto-Assets Regulation mandates the European Commission to assess the feasibility
of decentralized finance for specific regulations by the end of the

In South Korea, the country’s financial regulator is preparing to adopt significant laws for virtual asset service providers (VASP),
targeting the employment of executives in the sector.

Specifically, these regulations would necessitate the
vetting of executives before they assume roles within the VASP firms. This action
is aimed at granting the Financial Services Commission (FSC) authority over personnel
matters within the crypto industry.

Should these proposals be enacted, companies seeking
to renew their VASP licenses would face heightened scrutiny regarding their personnel decisions. The FSC will have the mandate to suspend the VASP licenses if there is an ongoing investigation targeting the executives.

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