Shopify Plus Merchants to mint and sell NFTs through GigLabs

GigLabs, a blockchain firm that works with brands to boost their presence in the non-fungible token (NFT) sector, has announced the launch of the GigLabs NFT app for Shopify app users.

The app will be available to merchants on Shopify Plus, which will allow them to create and sell NFTs on their Shopify stores. Moreover, the merchants will not need any knowledge of blockchain technology to use this feature.

Boosting access to digital assets

“Our growing NFT app ecosystem demonstrates our commitment to offering merchants an accessible approach to selling digital assets directly through their Shopify stores,” noted Robleh Jama, the Director of Product at Shopify. “We’re happy to welcome GigLabs to the Shopify NFT ecosystem to help merchants build unique commerce experiences through NFTs.”

As aforementioned, this offering will only be eligible to Shopify Plus Merchants. The process of minting and selling NFTs will be powered by the Flow blockchain. Flow is one of the leading blockchains in the NFT sector, with more than 17 million individual NFTs minted on the network.

The Flow blockchain has an eco-friendly design, and it runs through a proof-of-stake consensus, which is less energy-intensive than the proof-of-work consensus.

The Chief Product Officer at GigLabs, Brian Burns, noted that this NFT offering is the next evolution for e-commerce platforms. Allowing eligible businesses to have NFT offerings will boost the NFT sector and revolutionize the experience that users have on the platform.

App launched with BreakingT and Infinite Objects

“We partnered with BreakingT and Infinite Objects as early adopters to help spec out and test our app, and now both companies can seamlessly integrate NFTs within their existing Shopify stores as our first customers,” Burns said.

BreakingT and Infinite Objects are among the first companies to offer NFTs through the GigLabs NFT app on Shopify, and they have worked closely with GigLabs to design and develop the app. The two brands have launched a new revenue stream and boosted customer experiences.

With this launch, Shopify will be changing the eCommerce space, bringing digital assets closer to customers and making them even more accessible.

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