Ripple Closer To An XRP ETF As SEC Battle Is Expected To End Soon

The three-year-long legal battle between the United States Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple (XRP) is finally ending as both parties engage in back-to-back court fillings. If the final ruling goes in Ripple’s favor, it could kickstart the journey to the first XRP ETF.

Ripple Takes On SEC, XRP ETF Becomes Likely

The US SEC on May 7 filed its remedies reply brief and supporting exhibits under seal, indicating the documents still need to be made public. The documents will be made public on May 8, 2024, but before that, both parties will need to meet and confer to identify redactions on both sides.

Then, on May 13, Ripple (XRP), US SEC, and any third parties involved will file for an omnibus letter motion to seal all materials related to remedies briefing, including documents, supporting exhibits, and declarations. On May 20, all parties involved should file letter briefs opposing the omnibus letter motions to be sealed. The filing will be done under a joint proposal, and the parties must file for a publicly redacted version of all the documents within 14 days of the court ruling.

Everyone in the crypto community is keenly watching where the chips would fall for both the US SEC and Ripple (XRP) as the legal battle between both parties has once taken an unexpected turn in July 2023 when Judge Torres ruled in favor of Ripple (XRP). If Ripple (XRP) emerges victorious for the second time, then it will be a landmark victory not only for Ripple (XRP) but for the entire crypto industry, which has fallen under stringent watch by the agency.

Also, we could see the approval of an XRP ETF, which BlackRock, one of the pioneers offering Spot Bitcoin ETF, intends to file for but held off on due to regulatory issues. The Ripple vs. SEC battle has since been the major hindrance to filings for XRP ETFs.

However, XRP’s 24-hour trading volume skyrocketed by 237% amidst the court battle, and it currently trades at $0.51, ranking 7th in the crypto market according to data from Coinmarketcap.

ETFSwap Attracts Investor Confidence With Speculative 20,000% Surge In Price

ETFswap (ETFS) is a decentralized crypto project that aims to transform the way crypto community members interact with exchange-traded funds (ETFs) through the tokenization of assets. By tokenizing ETFs, ETFswap (ETFS) is making itself the go-to platform to invest in all ETFs, including cryptocurrency and market ETFs, on a single interface. This means that if an XRP ETF is approved, investors would be able to trade it directly on the ETFSwap (ETFS) platform. Also, the platform will feature tools like an ETF filter, enabling traders to narrow their ETF choices by applying specific search parameters.

Furthermore, ETFswap (ETFS) will provide a comprehensive Web3 marketplace, which will enable traders to track the live data of each ETF to make well-informed decisions before investing, thereby minimizing fund loss. However, to access these features, users will need to hold a certain amount of the platform’s native token ETFS, which will be instrumental in the trading of tokenized ETFs and also how the network operates.

ETFS, as a governance token, will enable holders to gain access to the trading platform and have voting rights, allowing them to have an active share when decisions are being made regarding updates and changes on the platform. ETFS will also be needed to convert tokenized ETFs to cryptocurrency and vice versa, serving as fees on the platform. Holders can also easily make passive income from the mouthwatering 87% annual percentage yield (APY) from staking their tokens on the platform staking pool.

Currently, the only way to get the token is to purchase it in the ongoing stage 1 presale, where ETFswap (ETFS) offers it at a low price of $0.00854 per coin. By the end of stage 1, stage 2 will begin at a much higher cost of $0.01831, assuring all stage 1 buyers of profit.

Also, experts speculate that the token is due for a 20,000% surge that will take its price close to the $3 mark, resulting in a yield of over3200x for early investors. So what are you waiting for? Buy ETFS today and gain access to trading tokenized ETFs.

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