Registrations on Xumm Wallet Grows by 55% as the Evernode Airdrop for XRP Holders Nears

Registrations on Xumm Wallet Grows by 55% as the Evernode Airdrop for XRP Holders Nears

Evernode records an overwhelming response to the airdrop announcement for XRP holders.

Evernode an upcoming global, permissionless “layer 2” smart contract platform composed from the XahauNetwork, recently announced an airdrop for XRP holders. Under the Airdrop Evernonde will distribute 5,160,960 Ever tokens (platform’s native altcoin) among the XRP holders on XRP Ledger who register themselves on the Xumm Wallet, a wallet built on XRP Ledger.

According to the announcement the number of Evers each participant will get is directly proportional to the number of XRP tokens he/she holds in his/her XRP Ledger wallet. For instance, if an individual has a total of 1000 XRP tokens in his XRP Ledger wallet, he/she will receive as many Ever tokens through the Airdrop, given he/she has registered on the Xumm wallet.

Since the Evernode began registrations on the Xumm wallet, the response from XRP holders has been nothing less than remarkable. Within the 24 hours, following the registration started on November 27th, 10,375 individuals registered themselves on the Xumm wallet.

As per the latest update provided almost 10 hours ago, the number has grown to 16,167, Which means that during the past 48 hours, approximately, the number of individuals who have registered on Xumm wallet, has gone up by over 55%. Notably, the Ever Airdrop event will take place on December 18th.

Nevertheless, the Ever Airdrop is taking place at a time when Ripple’s native XRP is seeing stagnancy in its price behavior. Over the past week, the coin has changed hands between a narrow region from $0.59 to $0.63; a negative price movement of only 3%. XRP’s performance in the past week truly reflects the current market conditions. The primary reason for this across-market stagnancy is Bitcoin. The premier cryptocurrency, in the meanwhile, has only gained value by 1.2%, making it difficult for altcoins to gain any upward momentum.

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