New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – MON Protocol, NexGami, Renzo

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, & Presales Today – MON Protocol, NexGami, Renzo

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Other cryptocurrencies show positive returns as Bitcoin approaches the $69,330 resistance level. This has prompted market participants to seek low-cost tokens for easy market entry. 

New cryptocurrency releases, listings, and presales offer promising opportunities in this context. This analysis compiles these digital assets, highlighting their features, utilities, and market histories.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

MON Protocol has introduced new initiatives to strengthen its position as a major blockchain-native intellectual properties and games publisher. NexGami is gaining prominence in the gaming industry by combining cutting-edge technology with creative innovation. 

Renzo is a Liquid Restaking Token (LRT) and Strategy Manager within the EigenLayer ecosystem. Mega Dice has recently captured attention for raising over $1.3 million, moving closer to the $2 million milestone. Bitcoin briefly surpassed $70,000, driven by the GameStop frenzy fueling interest in cryptocurrency.

1. MON Protocol (MON)

MON Protocol has launched initiatives to bolster its role as a key publisher of blockchain-native IPs and games. The introduction of Pixelmon Games, featuring titles like Pixelpals, Warriors of Nova Thera, and Hunting Grounds, has drawn over 1 million web3-savvy gamers. Supported by Immutable, Solana, and Aptos, MON Protocol’s chain-agnostic publishing platform enables blockchain projects to reach broader gamer communities. Over 60 games and IPs have used MON’s services.

Genesis NFTs decentralize and fractionalize IP, granting owners shared rights to the underlying art and a contractual right to royalties from any commercial use. These NFTs cover collections on Ethereum L1, including Monsters and Trainers with skins, gears, and armor. While they lack in-game utility, holders are expected to receive an in-game version via airdrop, contingent on full in-game functionality.

In-game NFTs, minted on an L2 blockchain, include primary digital assets like Monsters, gears, skins, and armors. They enable decentralized ownership, allowing players to acquire items through gameplay, purchase, or trade on secondary marketplaces. L1 Genesis NFT owners, including Pixelmon Generation 1 Evolutions, are expected to receive an L2 in-game NFT copy via airdrop. This depends on full in-game functionality.

The Trainer NFT collection includes 7,000 unique trainers. They are generated from various gears, armors, and accessories, including 20 full-body outfits and 40 weapons. The collection also features 20 Gold Trainers for original Elite trainer holders. Trainer NFTs grant shared IP rights for in-game gears. This allows holders to commercialize the IP. Holders can download the 3D source files of their trainers and associated gear if they hold the NFT for at least 30 days.

MON Protocol has partnered with several entities, including Bloodloop, Astra Nova, Saltwater Games, Lingo, Shrapnel, Memeland, CounterFire, Aethir, and Dark Machine. These partnerships enhance the gaming experience and expand the platform’s reach.

2. NexGami (NEXG)

NexGami is making waves in the gaming industry by merging advanced technology with creative innovation. The project delivers a unique experience that blends reality and the virtual realm. Their flagship game, Metavirus, immerses players in a whimsical world where viruses are vibrant digital characters, offering a captivating adventure.

NexGami’s strength lies in its experienced team from KONAMI, Ubisoft, and Huobi. Their expertise spans 3D mathematics, graphics engines like Renderware, and concept design for games like ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and ‘Transformers.’ This diverse background drives their innovation in gaming and blockchain technology.

NEXG Price Chart

Metavirus transports players to a fantastical universe where viruses are animated as engaging digital characters. This imaginative setting offers a land filled with swords and magic, presenting a unique and engaging adventure. Players face challenges and quests testing their strategic thinking and agility. They assume the roles of virus characters, each with unique abilities to overcome obstacles and progress through the game.

Powered by NexGami’s advanced platform, Metavirus integrates decentralization principles with a user-friendly design, leveraging blockchain technology and marking a notable advancement in gaming. The game has become the highest-grossing mobile game in China, attracting over one million real-time online users. This success underscores the game’s ability to engage and immerse players.

NexGami collaborates with various partners to enhance its offerings. It is integrating Web3 technology into gaming with It has also introduced a new staking model with double APY rewards for three months with BRCStarteroff. 

A partnership with DragonMaster features a prize pool of $7,000 DMT to advance gaming’s future. Additionally, they are launching a cross-airdrop campaign with Sugar Kingdom, uniting traditional gaming with Web 3.0. These partnerships reflect NexGami’s commitment to integrating innovative technology and expanding its reach in the gaming world.

3. Renzo (REZ)

Renzo operates as a Liquid Restaking Token (LRT) and Strategy Manager within the EigenLayer ecosystem. It aims to simplify user interaction and secure Actively Validated Services (AVSs) while providing yields surpassing those of traditional ETH staking. The protocol focuses on minimizing complexity for users, fostering collaboration between them and EigenLayer node operators.

Renzo has established significant partnerships to enhance its functionality. Collaborating with Connext, the token ezETH, supported across eight blockchains, enables users to move $ezETH easily and with low gas fees. 

REZ Price Chart

Earlier this year, Figment was announced as Renzo’s primary node operator partner, marking the first liquid restaking protocol to operate a specialized EigenLayer Operator. Figment’s role encompasses validating AVSs chosen by Renzo and secured by deposits from Renzo users. Additionally, a partnership with Lista DAO has introduced ezETH into their Innovation Zone, further expanding the protocol’s reach and adoption.

Renzo’s main product, Restake, launched its beta mainnet to the public on December 18, 2023. This application allows users to deposit native ETH, wBETH, or stETH, gaining access to EigenLayer Restaked points. The protocol operates a distributed Ethereum validator infrastructure through collaborations with Figment,, and Luganodes, enabling unrestricted participation on EigenLayer.

A notable feature of Renzo is its Deposit Boosts, which do not cap ETH deposits on EigenLayer. The protocol accepts native ETH and LSTs (stETH and wbETH), all backed by the LRT ($ezETH). To reward participation, Renzo introduced Renzo ezPoints. 

Starting from the beta mainnet launch, participants earn points based on the duration and nature of their involvement. Specifically, holding ezETH in a wallet grants users 1 Renzo ezPoint per hour for each ezETH held, with additional boosts for early participants.

4. Mega Dice (DICE)

Mega Dice, a GameFi cryptocurrency initiative running on the Solana network, has recently garnered attention for raising over $1.3 million and is inching closer to the $2 million mark. Joining gaming and cryptocurrency, the project targets gamers on its platform and holders of its DICE token.

At a valuation of $0.075, the DICE token has witnessed sales of over 19 million tokens during its presale phase. Prospective investors are encouraged to consider participation before potential price adjustments occur.

Besides fundraising, Mega Dice has introduced a Refer & Earn program, offering users a percentage of their referred users’ spending as an incentive. Moreover, the project has implemented an assertive airdrop strategy, dispersing $2.25 million across three seasons.

The first season targets active players who wager a minimum of $5,000 within 21 days, boasting a substantial $750,000 reward pool. Subsequent seasons extend these incentives, providing an additional $1.5 million for sustained activity until the DICE token’s exchange listing.

In addition to airdrops, token holders can earn rewards through staking, receiving daily payouts based on the casino’s profits. Mega Dice also offers NFTs for VIP players and a 25% referral commission to stimulate engagement and participation on the platform further.

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