New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings and Presales Today – Amnis Finance, Vitra Studios, PhoenixCo

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New cryptocurrency projects often have more upside potential for buyers than established, high market cap coins – the ‘big caps.’

So many new tokens are listed daily on CMC, Coingecko, and other reputable platforms. Each of these new coins claims to offer high returns for investors in the future. While these claims may be valid for some tokens, some are scam projects.

While analyzing these newly listed coins, we spotted three: Amnis Finance, Vitra Studios, and PhoenixCo. These new coins have shown excellent prospects of excelling in the crypto market. We’ll explore their tokenomics, use cases, and other relevant features that make these coins worth investing in.

New Cryptocurrency Releases, Listings, and Presales Today

On Tuesday, the release of the Steamboat Willie Game will mark a groundbreaking moment. This will showcase the convergence of public domain content, cryptocurrency, and the gaming industry. 

Furthermore, this on-chain video game on Ethereum, featuring the iconic Steamboat Willie Mickey Mouse, is poised to create ripples across multiple domains. It goes beyond a game; it represents an innovative fusion of classic animation, blockchain technology, and interactive entertainment. 

Moreover, a standout feature of the Steamboat Willie Game lies in its seamless integration with the $MICKEY token. While this event will take place, let’s look at our top picks for the new cryptocurrency releases and listings today.

1. Amnis Finance (AMAPT)

Amnis Finance is a pioneering force in the crypto sphere, serving as a foundational element within the Aptos ecosystem. Its innovative approach revolves around a secure and user-friendly liquid staking protocol. This provides users with the unique ability to maximize returns on APT tokens while maintaining liquidity effortlessly. 

Furthermore, the introduction of liquid staking sets the token apart from traditional PoS protocols. It allows users instant access to equivalent tokens without the need for the lengthy unstaking process. 

Amnis Finance further distinguishes itself with yield tokenization, creating a financial instrument that enhances flexibility and opens doors for institutional involvement. The process involves wrapping yield-bearing assets into standardized yield tokens, offering users nuanced control over principal and yield components.

Furthermore, Amnis Finance positions itself favorably with a higher staking APR of 7% compared to alternatives. The project is committed to user-friendly practices, zero protocol fees, and a stable 1:1 peg to APT. 

Moreover, Amnis Finance presents a compelling case for investors seeking an innovative and reliable investment avenue within the evolving crypto landscape. Amnis Finance is currently trading at $10.14, with a 24-hour trading volume of $3,849.70.

2. Vitra Studios (VITRA)

Vitra Studios (VITRA) current price is $0.00394. The token exhibited a remarkable 51.06% surge in the last 24 hours. The project also boasts an impressive 141.45% increase over the past seven days, with a trading volume of $77,351.45. 

Vitra Studios’ market cap remains unavailable due to unreported circulating supply. Operating as a BEP20 token on the BNB Smart Chain, it serves as the native cryptocurrency for the VITRA blockchain, fulfilling various roles:

Vitra studio price chart

  • Processing transaction fees.
  • Serving as a currency within the marketplace and metaverse.
  • Compensating miners through staking nodes.

Furthermore, Vitra Studios constitutes an ecosystem primarily dedicated to the entertainment sector. The project employs tokenization for media files like music, videos, e-books, and NFT games. Sustainable mining of Vitra is achieved through NFT nodes utilizing the DPoS protocol.

Empowering artists, musicians, writers, and developers, Vitra provides a platform for creating and tokenizing projects. It also grants financial autonomy over their content. Also, a percentage of profits is allocated to NGOs supporting children, the elderly, the homeless, and the sick.

However, with an outstanding 141.50% surge in the past seven days, Vitra Studios (VITRA) stands out by outperforming the global cryptocurrency market, which has experienced a downturn of -3.70%. 

2. PhoenixCo (XPHX)

PhoenixCo, a blockchain-based investment company, leverages its resources to profit from the crypto market. The project allows its community to join its long-term vision using the native token XPHX. 

In addition, the platform facilitates instant swaps between cryptocurrencies with a zero-fee centralized chain bridge. Over 500 stakeholders actively stake XPHX on the platform, with stake mining partially conducted through it.

PhoenixCo price chart

Moreover, PhoenixCo assists VIP users with risk management and portfolio guidance. XPHX holders enjoy benefits such as acquiring generous mining rewards, participating in NFT campaigns, and receiving token drops. 

XPHX is a service fee for VIP services and serves as the primary liquidity backing token for partnership listings. In addition, holders benefit from decentralized on-chain rewards on every XPHX transaction on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and Polygon.

Furthermore, XPHX originated on the BCH blockchain as an SLP token and evolved to the Binance Smart Chain in late 2021. The platform update in mid-2021 introduced functions like swap, saving, and XPHX staking. Weekly token airdrops for fair mining allocation were conducted before this era.

Regarding on-chain benefits, holding XPHX involves a 2% holder tax on the Binance Smart Chain. Currently, the live price of PhoenixCo Token is $0.012948. The project experienced a 4.93% decrease in the last 24 hours. It holds the #3620 rank on CoinMarketCap with a circulating supply and max supply of 33,000,000 XPHX coins.

3. Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX)

Bitcoin Minetrix (BTCMTX) has successfully raised over $8.4 million in its presale phase, paving the way for its upcoming exchange launch. The project boasts a remarkable “Stake-to-Mine ” feature, allowing holders to earn BTC rewards effortlessly by staking their BTCMTX tokens. 

Moreover, during the presale period, the platform offers an attractive 77% APY for staking BTCMTX. However, this yield will gradually decrease with more tokens being pledged. The Stake-to-Mine model not only incentivizes long-term holding of BTCMTX tokens but also generates recurring BTC income for users.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Minetrix stands out as a potential game-changer in Bitcoin mining. The token offers a sustainable and energy-efficient alternative to the increasingly complex and cost-prohibitive traditional mining methods.

In addition, the project’s presale has garnered significant attention. It has raised over $8.4 million from investors eager to secure BTCMTX tokens at the current price of $0.0128, with incremental increases in subsequent weeks.

Prominent influencers, including YouTuber Michael Wrubel, have expressed bullish sentiments about BTCMTX, contributing to the project’s buzz. The team is working to finalize features before BTCMTX is listed on exchanges, introducing liquidity and enabling 24/7 trading.

Furthermore, Bitcoin Minetrix’s future roadmap includes launching a Stake-to-Mine mobile app and forming partnerships with renowned cloud mining firms. The project’s potential to democratize BTC mining has attracted long-time Bitcoin investors seeking to supplement their holdings with staking rewards. 

 With a capped supply of 4 billion BTCMTX tokens, scarcity appeals to investors. This paves the way for substantial price appreciation if the platform gains popularity. BTCMTX offers early access to a potentially disruptive platform for investors eyeing Bitcoin-style gains.

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