MoonPay Brings PayPal on Board for EU and UK Crypto Purchases

MoonPay Brings PayPal on Board for EU and UK Crypto Purchases

MoonPay has announced the expansion of PayPal as a payment
option to users in the European Union and the United Kingdom, following a
successful launch in the United States last month
. Now, MoonPay users in 24 EU
member states and the UK can buy cryptocurrency using their PayPal accounts.

PayPal Integration Draws Mature User Base

The recent US launch, which has reached all users, showed
strong demand for PayPal, becoming the third most popular payment method,
overtaking Google Pay, and ranking just behind cards and Apple Pay.

Nearly 90%
of users who connect to PayPal complete a transaction, and new customers using
PayPal as their first payment method convert at a rate 1.3 times higher than
those using cards. The integration also attracts a more mature user base, with
an average age of 35.

This integration simplifies transactions for MoonPay users
with existing PayPal accounts, allowing them to fund their cryptocurrency
purchases using their PayPal Balance, direct bank withdrawal, or debit card
without entering details manually.

“The success of our PayPal partnership speaks volumes about
the value we’re creating together,” said Ivan Soto-Wright, MoonPay’s Co-Founder
and CEO.

“Expanding our collaboration to new markets is an incredibly exciting
milestone for us. This move will enable us to provide a frictionless experience
and lower the barriers to entry to include new users around the world, bringing
convenience and trust to our growing customer base.”

MoonPay is rapidly expanding the PayPal integration to its
partners, now live with Uniswap, Phantom, BitPay, Changelly, xPortal, Zengo,
SafePal, and LOBSTR. Currently, PayPal is available to 1% of MoonPay customers
in the UK and EU, excluding Croatia, Hungary, and Iceland, with a broader
rollout planned over the next few weeks.

PayPal’s Cryptocurrency Holdings Exceed $1 Billion

Earlier, Finance
reported that PayPal holds over $1
billion in crypto assets belonging to its customers
, highlighting its
significant role in the digital currency space. It is vital to note that these
assets are customer-owned.

This move aligns with consumer expectations for flexible
money management, with PayPal facilitating direct buying, holding, and selling
of cryptocurrencies. By expanding access to this previously specialized market,
PayPal displays adaptability, guaranteeing continued relevance and
competitiveness in the fintech sector.

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