KuCoin to Impose 7.5% Transaction Fee Tax in Nigeria amid Regulatory Uncertainty

KuCoin to Impose 7.5% Transaction Fee Tax in Nigeria amid Regulatory Uncertainty

The Nigerian crypto community faces uncertainty after
KuCoin, a prominent global cryptocurrency exchange, announced a new tax policy.
Starting July 8, the cryptocurrency exchange will impose a 7.5% value-added tax (VAT) on transaction
fees for users with Know Your Customer (KYC) information registered in Nigeria.

KuCoin Introduces VAT for Nigerian Users

In a post on X, KuCoin informed its Nigerian users
that the new tax only applies to the fee charged per transaction and not the
overall transaction amount. For instance, buying 1,000 USDT worth of Bitcoin
incurs a fee of 1 USDT (0.1%), and the VAT on this fee would be 0.075 USDT,
making the net transaction amount 998.925 USDT.

The source of approval for this VAT remains ambiguous,
Cointelegraph reported. It is unclear whether the Nigerian government or an
agency like the Federal Inland Revenue Service authorized this tax. The lack
of clarity has left many in the Nigerian crypto community questioning the
legitimacy and implementation of the VAT.

Besides that, there is uncertainty about the approving
authority, with concerns arising over KuCoin’s ability to remit the VAT, given
the Central Bank of Nigeria’s restrictions on converting cryptocurrency to fiat
currency. There is also uncertainty regarding whether the VAT applies solely to
peer-to-peer trades involving the naira or all crypto transactions conducted on
the platform.

Seeking Clarification

As the July 8 implementation deadline for the new changes
approaches, KuCoin and Nigerian authorities are expected to provide an
explanation to avoid further confusion and potential disruptions in the market.

Early this year, KuCoin announced that it had joined its competitors, reporting an increase in its customer base to over 30 million and doubling its spot market volumes. The crypto exchange reported that it had experienced a 16% increase in its number of users, reaching nearly 31 million users globally. In the same period, the company posted a 106% boost in spot trading volume, highlighting strong user engagement.

This article was written by Jared Kirui at www.financemagnates.com.

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