Ex-Revolut VP of Growth Launches Zeal to Simplify Crypto Spending

Ex-Revolut VP of Growth Launches Zeal to Simplify Crypto Spending

employees have launched Zeal, a DeFi wallet and crypto debit card that allows
users to spend cryptocurrencies directly on everyday purchases. The launch
follows a strategic partnership and $2 million investment from Gnosis, which aims to seamlessly integrate Web3 financial rails into existing payment

Ex-Revoluter Launch Zeal: A DeFi Wallet and Crypto Debit Card

Zeal, now
available as both a browser extension and a mobile app, allows users to make
onchain payments as well as everyday transactions using a crypto Visa debit
card provided by Gnosis.

information was confirmed by Hannes Graah, the Founder of Zeal and former VP of
growth at Revolut, during the ongoing DappCon in Berlin. The conference is organized
by Gnosis, which provided Zeal with the necessary financial support last month.

crypto is hard — many think of crypto as an online casino due to its volatile
price movements,” Graah commented. “Zeal’s new approach combines a
feature-packed EVM-wallet with a Visa card that lets people buy a coffee or
connect to Uniswap from the same app. Unlike previous crypto cards that require
a fiat balance, the Gnosis Card spends onchain crypto directly.”

The Zeal payment
process is way easier. Gnosis Pay checks the customer’s token balance in their smart wallet upon a merchant’s payment request. If the funds are adequate, the
payment gets approved, and the merchant can claim the tokens. These tokens are
subsequently withdrawn and converted into fiat currency.

lack of biometrics and seed phrases will make this the perfect wallet for
anyone getting started with DeFi,” added Friederike Ernst, the Co-Founder
of Gnosis. “We are also particularly excited about the launch of the
Gnosis card. This is a huge step in allowing people to actually purchase
everyday items with their crypto.”

The launch
of Zeal marks a milestone in the DeFi space. It offers a convenient and
accessible solution for users looking to spend their cryptocurrencies on
everyday purchases. The project was first mentioned in November last year, but
now its official launch has been confirmed.

It’s not
the first time a former Revolut executive has ventured into starting their own
business. Ruslan Fakhrutdinov, previously the Head of Crypto Operations at
Revolut, has established a cryptocurrency exchange after securing an investment
of $6.5 million. Tioga Capital, Semantic Ventures, Cherry Ventures, Starkware,
and Cyber Fund are among the investors supporting the new exchange named X10.

You can learn more about Zeal from the video below:

Revolut to Unveil Payment
Terminal for Large Businesses

Revolut has also announced a significant update; the company is set to
introduce a new payment terminal tailored for large businesses, aiming to
expand its market share among business clients.

The product
is expected to be launched in the second half of this year and will serve over
15,000 merchants who accept in-person payments using Revolut products. This
information was shared by Financial News, which spoke with Alex Codina,
the General Manager of Revolut’s Merchant Acquiring business. Codina mentioned
that the payment terminal would be ideal for retailers, restaurants, and coffee

addition, the company announced plans to increase its global
workforce by approximately 40% in 2024
. Having recently surpassed the
10,000-employee mark, Revolut aims to reach 11,500 staff by the end of the

Furthermore, Revolut introduced Revolut X, a cryptocurrency exchange designed for professional traders in May. This launch marks the company as a pioneer in developing
a dedicated platform for cryptocurrency trading within the banking sector.

This article was written by Damian Chmiel at www.financemagnates.com.

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