Ethereum Whales Get Bullish On SAND Metaverse Token

Ethereum whales get bullish on the SAND metaverse token as they started investing in a number of other Metaverse tokens as well. In today’s ethereum news, we are taking a closer look at these tokens.

The metaverse tokens ranged across various snitches but these whales are growing bullish on metaverse tokens like the rest of the space but one coin is especially popular between these Ethereum whales that took it to increase their crypto holdings in SAND. Ethereum whales are interested in the metaverse SAND token according to the data from WhaleStats. The wallet tracker reported that the token became the most traded coin among the top 1000 ETH wallets and flipped the investor’s favorite LINK to attain a new title and showed an increase in interest from the top ETH holders in the space.

Besides trading the token, Ethereum whales are staking up their holdings and WhaleStats also reported that one single ETH Whale purchased 635,585 SAND that is valued at $4,385,536. In total, the top 1000 ETH wallets hold $237,478,480 worth of SAND which shows an increase in the holdings among these wallets. MANA on the other hand made the top 10 list of tokens purchased in one week by ETH whales and the token came 5th behind the meme coin Shiba Inu with an average purchase quantity of 30,168 coins.

The Ethereum whales get bullish on SAND because these kinds of tokens got a big break when the social media giant Facebook announced its rebranding to META. This came alongside the announcement of the company that is moving into the metaverse space and it launched a domino effect that saw the existing tokens rallying. Tokens like SAND made it to the forefront of cfrypto investing as the investors went in heavy into the industry. These tokens with time become some of the biggest cryptos by market cap while MANA entered the top 30 with a $6.9 billion market cap and SAND was not far behind. MANA is trading at $3.83 while SAND reached a new high of $6.72.

SAND trading at $6.5 Source SANDUSD on

Purchasing land and property in the metaverse is becoming one of the leading ways to invest as the investors get to claim a piece of these spaces. The investors are opening up their businesses in teh metverse and we even saw the headlines when someone purchased $450,000 for virtual land next to Snoop Dogg.

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