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Our Crypto IRL series showcases individuals who are leading the charge in the crypto revolution by using cryptocurrency in real life to drive financial inclusivity, enterprise, and innovation.

We’re excited to share a recent conversation we had with Bernardo Garcia, Co-Founder of Félix Pago, the world’s first chat-bot on WhatsApp that allows Latino immigrants in the US to send remittances abroad.

Félix Pago leverages blockchain and AI to make remittances as simple and fast as sending a message.

Hey Bernardo! Tell us a bit about Félix Pago

Félix Pago serves hard working foreign born Latino immigrants that live in the US and provide support to their family members that stayed in their home country. We leverage blockchain and AI to make remittances as simple and fast as sending a WhatsApp message.

Félix was built to meet Latino’s where they are, on WhatsApp, and to help them save time and money when they take care of their loved ones.

Awesome. And how does Félix Pago use crypto as part of their operations?

Félix leverages stable coins to get the customer’s funds from the US to Mexico.

First, the customer sees a guaranteed exchange rate of USD/MXN in the Félix chat. Once they pay, Félix takes the funds, converts them into stable coins, and then executes the necessary trades in crypto to get the Mexican pesos in the hands of the customer’s beneficiary in real time.

What have the benefits been to the business since introducing crypto?

The main benefits of using crypto are the speed of the transactions and the low costs.

Doing a cross-border transaction via traditional rails, like swift, takes days and is very expensive, which makes it inefficient.

Finally, what do you think the future of crypto holds — in 2023 and beyond!

We believe that the future of crypto is when it powers our day to day lives and we don’t even notice it! That’s what Félix is all about.

In the end, what matters to us and our customers is that the funds get from A to B in real time at the lowest possible cost.

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