Chimpzee Will Launch on P2B Exchange on 11 January – 2 Billions Tokens Will Be Burned Before the Launch

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Hot new meme coin sensation Chimpzee has announced its first initial exchange listing as the $2.7M presale comes to an end. The debut listing will take place on the popular exchange P2B on 11 January.

To mark the occasion, the project has also announced that an extra 2 billion tokens will be burned, dropping the total supply to 25 Billion.

Chimpzee Targets a Modest Initial Market Cap of Under 50 Million

Chimpzee recently wrapped up its trending presale that became a crypto sensation soon after it went live. Drawing the attention of both crypto whales and retail investors, the presale was a remarkable success.

In a first-of-its-kind approach, the project initiated a series of burn schedules throughout the presale period, as part of reducing the overall token supply. As a token of gratitude to the early investment community, the project has announced another burn schedule. The goal is to bring down the total supply to 25 Billion and the initial market cap under 50 million.

The lower the initial market cap, the higher the room for returns for early investors. The burn schedule will help investors capitalize on the project’s growth and expansion with higher ROIs, as a result.

The token is currently in the 30-day vesting period. The first 1 billion tokens will be burned on the 15th day of the vesting period. And the next 1 Billion tokens will be burned at the end of the vesting period.

In addition, a big burn event awaits investors after $CHMPZ lists on exchanges. The P2B listing will be followed by a series of other listings, including Bitmart.

The performance of the $CHMPZ presale is a reflection of the confidence and optimism in the project. It wouldn’t be surprising to see Chimpzee takeover meme coin legends like Pepe once it goes live.

What’s Chimpzee, and Why is it Trending?

Wildlife tokens are largely unheard of in the crypto market. Amid the chaos created by meme coins, play-to-earn tokens, and DeFi projects, they gather little momentum.

But things are changing for the better now.

Chimpzee ($CHMPZ) is a new wildlife token that has been trending for a few weeks now. The project uses a meme coin label to draw attention to its larger mission. That is wildlife conservation.

At the heart of the project’s success lies its unique combination of meme coins and a wildlife mission. This is one of the few times a crypto project has attempted to advocate for a social goal by taking advantage of prevailing trends.

Although meme coins are wildly popular, it’s rare to see them live for more than a few days. Many of these tokens go on to give ROIs in two digits and three digits. But if early investors are not careful and quick to act, the ROIs can swiftly transform into even bigger losses.

This is where Chimpzee stands apart.

Chimpzee’s association with the meme coin label can be best described as a technique to build hype around its three-pillared ecosystem for wildlife conservation.

The Chimpzee Ecosystem Shows Breadth and Depth

The shop-to-earn, trade-to-earn, and play-to-earn platforms drive organic demand for the token and give intrinsic value to the native token $CHMPZ.

To give a brief picture, the shop-to-earn platform is a merchandise store that gives customers $CHMPZ rewards for every purchase. The trade-to-earn platform, on the other hand, works on a profit-sharing model. It is designed to be a hub for active NFT traders. The play-to-earn platform titled Zero Tolerance Game is characterized by its gripping theme around wildlife conservation. It educates users about the necessity of climate action, while giving them a good avenue of side income.

Together, they pump the demand for the token, purely from a utility aspect.

$CHMPZ is not the only investment token of the ecosystem. There are also Chimpzee NFT Passports.

Why hold Chimpzee NFT Passports? Apart from their collectible value, the NFT Passports give holders attractive perks and privileges within the ecosystem. This includes compelling staking APY.

A share of the profit generated by Chimpzee is channeled to various wildlife causes. Donations began during the presale phase.

Next to the Moon?

It’s rare to see credible, original projects in the meme coin market.

Most are a knock-off of existing projects with no creative theme or goals. They just cash in on the ongoing trends and eventually fall prey to an inevitable early demise.

In stark contrast, Chimpzee is driven by a global vision to reduce the impact of carbon emissions through wildlife conservation. Although the meme coin label has helped the project amass initial momentum, its price action will be sustained in the long run by robust utilities.

The initial exchange listing on P2B offers an excellent opportunity to grab the token before its price takes off.

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