5 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Under 1 Dollar, July 5 – Nervos Network, The Graph, Chiliz

5 Best Cheap Crypto to Buy Under 1 Dollar, July 5 – Nervos Network, The Graph, Chiliz

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Despite the gloomy market, there has been an increase in the value of some tokens. These tokens remain in the limelight through their continuous development and strategic partnerships. Their performance and technical excellence have played a significant part in why we have chosen them as the best cheap crypto to buy under 1 dollar today. 

Meanwhile, investors continue to seek cost-effective entry points into the market amid the market downturn. Some investors are looking to secure promising crypto while their price is still low. This article compiles a list of cryptocurrencies that investors should watch. 

5 Best Cheap Crypto To Buy Under 1 Dollar

This analysis gives valuable insights to traders trying to evaluate the growth potential of different tokens. Several cryptocurrencies trading below 1 dollar, including Nervos Network, The Graph, Chiliz, and ConstitutionDAO, are currently experiencing upward trends, giving investors opportunities to enter the market.

99Bitcoins is preparing to begin a push for its DEX listing, urging early investors to buy the token now before its price explodes. This presale signifies a significant milestone in the crypto and education markets. Investors looking into promising Learn-to-Earn tokens can add $99BTC to their watchlist.

1. Nervos Network (CKB)

Nervos Network distinguishes itself as an innovative project that provides a platform that enables secure peer-to-peer activity for various blockchain applications. It empowers users with blockchain interoperability, advanced data storage solutions, asset issuance, smart contracts, and dApps. The CBK mainnet, which launched in November 2019, introduced a dual-layer architecture, further enhancing the network’s capabilities.

Furthermore, Messari recently published an in-depth analysis of the Nervos Network, highlighting its pivotal role in enhancing Bitcoin’s technological capabilities. The report emphasizes Nervos’s use of its Layer-1 blockchain and the RGB++ protocol to address scalability and programmability challenges within the Bitcoin ecosystem. By integrating RGB++, Nervos facilitates the deployment of smart contracts and asset issuance directly on Bitcoin’s blockchain, significantly expanding its functionality.

Meanwhile, the token employs a Proof-of-Work (PoW) consensus mechanism and supports the CKByte (CKB) cryptocurrency. This foundational layer ensures network security and efficient resource allocation. Meanwhile, the computation layer is responsible for executing transactions, running decentralized applications (dApps), and facilitating smart contracts.

CKB’s value is currently $0.009466, marking a significant 207.33% year-to-date surge and a 4% increase over the past week. The token demonstrates high liquidity, highlighted by its volume-to-market cap ratio. An RSI of 58 indicates potential sideways trading. However, investors remain optimistic that the token will maintain its stability as the month concludes.

2. The Graph (GRT)

Recently, TalentLayer successfully integrated its subgraph into The Graph Network to enhance decentralized access to on-chain data. TalentLayer is an innovative API and open protocol platform that serves as a bridge between several marketplaces. It also provides developers with the tools needed to build various applications, including AI-driven recumbent agent platforms and freelance platforms. 

Despite the ripple effect of this development wearing off, the GRT has managed to hang on to a significant positive outlook. Although The Graph saw a portion of its value eroded in the prevailing bearish market, it maintained a favorable 15% uptick in the last seven days. This positive uptrend aligns with the predicted bullish sentiment and favorable RSI, which points to an overbought value.

The Graph price chart

Consequently, the Fear and Greed Index score has surged to 79, implying an increase in token activity. Also, a closer scrutiny of GRT’s market performance shows consistent growth since it was launched. Notably, The Graph token trades well above its 200-day simple moving average. 

Meanwhile, investor sentiment remains bullish regarding The Graph’s price trajectory, supported by its trading above the 200-day simple moving average and substantial liquidity indicated by its market capitalization. GRT has demonstrated resilience, boasting a YTD surge of 39%, reaching $0.1673. These factors position The Graph as a compelling choice among cryptocurrencies for current investment.

In summary, The Graph token has displayed significant growth in the crypto market since its launch. The token has given early investors astronomical returns on investment by leveraging its strong community and unique strategy. According to analysts, the future outlook for The Graph token Is promising, given its solid performance and strategic integration within the crypto market.

3. 99Bitcoins (99BTC)

99Bitcoins recently launched its cryptocurrency, $99BTC, which has raised over $2.2 million as of the time of writing. The token reached this milestone relatively quickly, underscoring its promising prospect. Prospective investors still have the opportunity to get the tokens at the presale price of $0.00112, though rates are structured to increase over time gradually.

Furthermore, with a presale cap set at $10.3 million, there’s a strong incentive for investors to acquire discounted 99BTC tokens before prices rise. These tokens power the Learn-to-Earn platform, where users earn rewards for gaining knowledge about cryptocurrencies. As funding milestones are reached, the price of 99BTC will incrementally increase.

Meanwhile, the groundbreaking Learn-to-Earn initiative encourages cryptocurrency enthusiasts to deepen their knowledge, offering rewards to token holders. 99Bitcoins has also introduced gamification into Bitcoin education, enriching the learning process. Participants earn higher rankings and $99BTC tokens by completing challenges and educational modules.

Moreover, the team initiated a giveaway on its platform, offering participants a chance to win free Bitcoin from a substantial $99,999 BTC prize pool, which attracted over 5,000 entries. Moreover, token holders engaged in the presale can enjoy additional benefits from holding 99Bitcoins tokens.

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4. Chiliz (CHZ)

The team behind the Chiliz project recently announced a collaboration with Azuro. This strategic partnership is meant to promote the adoption of on-chain sports prediction markets. Also, the alliance seeks to give users the tools to launch equitable and transparent prediction apps. 

Furthermore, The project will enable users to show their support for their favorite teams and athletes from anywhere in the world. Likewise, the strategic partnership with SBI Holdings, catering to millions of users, suggests an optimistic prospect for Chiliz. This collaboration demonstrates SBI’s dedication to strengthening Japan’s entertainment and sports sectors.

Chiliz price chart

Despite a slight dip in the last 24 hours, the token has managed to sustain a bullish Investor sentiment. Besides, Chiliz’s price trajectory has formed an interesting pattern on its 50-day Simple Moving Average. This positive pattern is supported by its trading above the 200-day simple moving average and an RSI that is propelling it out of the overbought zone. 

Meanwhile, the token demonstrates substantial liquidity, as evidenced by its robust market capitalization. Chiliz has demonstrated resilience, boasting a remarkable post-launch increase of 243.75% to reach $0.05939. These factors position Chiliz as a compelling choice among cryptocurrencies for current investment.

5. ConstitutionDAO (PEOPLE)

ConstitutionDAO was a unique crowdfunding effort initiated by a group of Web3 enthusiasts to purchase an original copy of the U.S. Constitution at a Sotheby’s auction. Despite not winning the bid, the initiative paved the way for the PEOPLE token, which has since transformed into a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) with significant historical relevance. The PEOPLE token now represents a stake in the ConstitutionDAO community. Moreover, the community-centric approach of the PEOPLE token has significantly driven its price upward since its inception.  

Meanwhile, the token has exhibited a remarkable 96% increase and an impressive 600% year-to-date surge, underscoring its long-term growth prospects. The token’s rapid growth and popularity can be attributed to viral marketing campaigns featuring Nicolas Cage memes, listings on major exchanges, and the support of a passionate community.

ConstitutionDAO price chart

ConstitutionDAO is trading around the $0.5028 mark and has consistently held its gains over a prolonged period. However, the question remains whether the token can continue its upward momentum and achieve new highs in the second half of 2024. This positive trajectory could be sustained if bullish investors remain dominant despite potential selling pressures from the broader cryptocurrency market over time.

Despite PEOPLE recently trading below its $0.1 support level and encountering difficulties in breaching this threshold over the past few days, analysts anticipate a rebound for ConstitutionDAO. The token could potentially surpass its all-time high with the bullish influence of Spot Bitcoin ETFs. Moreover, the token’s recent optimistic performance has boosted its attractiveness as an excellent investment option.

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